Kitchen Design Specialists in Colorado Springs

Kitchen Design Specialists Colorado Springs

Whatever your dream, you can count on the kitchen design specialists at Case Cabinets in Colorado Springs to bring your dream to life. You’ve been looking, researching, reading, dreaming – open houses, parade homes, online, home décor magazines. Maybe you even have your idea book, whether it’s for a complete kitchen remodel, or new, high-quality cabinets to enhance what’s already in place.  

It’s your kitchen, the heart of your home. You can already imagine how it’s going to feel when it’s done: Beautiful, welcoming, functional, organized – a place for everything, and space that’s easy to work in. A kitchen where it’s easy to find and store what you need. And of course, where there’s plenty of room for your family and friends.

Perhaps you’ve dialed in exactly what you want. Or you have a few solid ideas and preferences, but want experienced, professional input. You want insight about trends – and what’s viable and affordable – before you commit to any one design or direction.

Experienced, Professional Kitchen Design

Wherever you are on your kitchen remodel journey, it’s time to meet Troy Case, the owner of Case Cabinets. Troy is an expert kitchen designer and contractor who’s been designing and installing dream kitchens for more than 40 years.

Troy has hands-on experience with every aspect of kitchen design and installation – cabinets, lighting, countertops, backsplashes, flooring, tile, appliances and finish carpentry. He knows how various products perform and last. With hundreds of kitchens in his portfolio, he makes every inch of space work hard, and can head off common design pitfalls and installation issues.

Kitchen Design Ideas

Whether you have defined your style, or plan to start with a blank slate, Troy helps you evolve your vision. He delivers kitchen design ideas that work, and that respect your budget. He provides unwavering attention to detail throughout the process, anticipating decisions you’ll want to make sooner rather than later, and making sure to factor in constraints both obvious and hidden.

Troy offers reliable feedback on product choices, so the selections you make for cabinets, flooring, tile, lighting and hardware will stand the test of time – and can be installed efficiently.  Troy is also a registered distributor for Crown Cabinets.  He chooses to align with Crown because of their commitment to high-quality design, materials and craftsmanship ensuring the performance and value you expect in a high-end kitchen.

Trust and Reliability – Essential for Your Successful Kitchen Remodel

Troy serves as both designer and project manager for every kitchen project Case Cabinets takes on. What does this mean to you?

Guaranteed measurements by an experienced pro. Every component of your kitchen fits the way it needs to, for seamless installation and pleasing appearance.

Daily, hands-on management for every kitchen project, large or small. Troy goes on site for every job, every single day. He’s eye-to-eye with you, with the project, and with the subcontractors so he can answer your questions, keep the job on schedule, and address any issues on the spot.

Strong relationships with proven subcontractors. Troy works exclusively with reputable electricians, plumbers, countertop installers, tile and flooring installers, painters and finish carpenters – skilled craftspeople he knows will show up on time, perform high-quality work, and be accountable for any mistakes. If he wouldn’t have them work on a project in his own home, he won’t have them work on yours. In turn, these subs are loyal to Troy, so his projects get first priority to meet tight schedules.

One point of contact, a single itemized invoice, and a clear paper trail for work in progress and final billing. Once you’ve arrived at your final design and quote, Troy’s invoice accounts for every item in your project – no confusion and no surprises.  Have a question or concern during or after your project.  One call to Troy is all it takes to get an answer.

Are You Ready to Get Started with Your Dream Kitchen Design?

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